2016: A Year In Review

Oh hello! Remember when we started this blog? Remember how I’ve updated it roughly twice since then?

Well, I’m sorry that I we suck at updates. I always say, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow and then tomorrow is 6 months in the future and I have abandoned you all to a world of ignorance into the lives of your favorite B2.

I thought I’d give you some photos and a brief rundown of what 2016 was like for us.

Brandon and I both struggle with mental health issues and we both started 2016 off with some pretty potent bouts of depression and anxiety. Which is why pretty much everything prior to April is a big blur for me. Barely being able to cope with being awake doesn’t make for a lot of fun times. In January we did get to hang with my mother-in-law for a bit, which is always lovely. It snowed. I spent a lot of free time reading and snuggling with my furry nephew, Brutus. In February the mom-in-law popped in again and we even ventured out to Dave & Busters with the fam. Dave & Busters is not the place for someone easily overloaded with sensory input, as it turns out, but I do always love hanging out with the family.

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In April we decided that moving out into our own space had become more necessary. My anxiety, depression, and ADHD are easiest to control when I have complete control of my environment, and I need a space with a lot of natural light in it. So, in May, we moved from the east end of Pittsburgh to the North Shore.

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The summer involved getting out and enjoying the long days as much as possible. We even got a visit from my mom in September! So much fun.

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We somehow survived fall, despite the toxic election season. We rounded out 2016 in much better spirits that we began it with. Our next chapter is leading us away from Pittsburgh and back to the west coast, again, so the next couple of months will be a lot of sorting, packing and organizing.

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Here’s to a rad 2017 for all of us!!!


Bonus: Enjoy a year in my hair:


My hair has been all over the place this year. I buzzed a ‘hawk into in late 2015 and around May this past year I decided to grow it out. I love my hair short, but I am a lazy, oily-haired individual who really needs to be able to ponytail her tresses. I’m been playing with a palette of blonde, fuchsia, magenta, and blue all year. The bangs have come and the bangs have gone and repeat it all again.


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